Terms and conditions of Cali Move UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

1. Purview

These terms and conditions are valid for all business relations between Cali Move UG (haftungsbeschränkt) (in the following: CM) and their clients in the current edition at the moment oft he completion of a contract.

2. Accomplishment of the contract

(1) The presentation of the product line of CM on web based servers doesn’t express an offer withing the meaning oft he law of §§ 145 ff BGB, but a non-binding
invitation to the client to order these products.

(2) By clicking the button „Buy“, the client gets forwarded to the website www.sellbox.com (in the following: Sellbox) with the appropriate object of agreement.
Sellbox itself forwards the client to the website for payment www.paypal.com (in the following: Paypal) by clicking “buy it now”. By clicking “pay now” on paypal
and sending an order with that action, the contract with CM gets realised.

3. Maturity, Payment and reservation of ownership

(1) CM only accepts the payment method „Paypal“ in the context of the ordering procedure oft he client. Sellbox forwards the client directly to paypal, when he clicks
the button „buy it now“
(2) The payment dues with the click on „pay now“. The order gets processed automatically when cashed and the client gets enabled to download the requested
Pdf-document on Sellbox.

(3) The offered programs in the form of PDF-documents are subject to the regulations of the UrhG and are protected against illegal duplication in any form.
The transfer of these E-Books to different computers or mobile devices of the client is only allowed, when it’s guaranteed that only the client itself can use them.
The client is not allowed to make the content of the programs accessible to any other person in any way.

(4) CM gives no property of the downloads to the client. The client gets the basic, not transferable right to exclusively use the offered programs only for himself in
the offered way. It’s prohibited to change the programs or downloads in any way, no matter if contentually or editorially or use changed versions. It’s prohibited to
copy them for other persons, make them accessible for the public, provide them on the internet or other networks, no matter if in return for payment or not,
imitate them, resell them or use them for commercial purposes. A transfer of the rights is impossible. Downloads are being unnoticeable and unremoveable
watermarked several times during the downloadprocess, so an investigation and prosecution of the original client is possible in case of an abusive usage.

4. Right of revocation

The right of revocation only counts for consumers according to §13 BGB. Consumer is every natural person that concludes a legal transaction for a purpose that
doesn’t count as commercial or self-employed occupation. It is for CM to check the feature of a consumer.
Digital goods like e-books, software and audiofiles are excluded from the right of revocation (§ 312d Abs. 4 Ziff. 1 BGB), because they are inappropriate for return
caused of their condition.

5. Liability

CM is not responsible for any damages, which occur from the usage of the offered programs, when they are not executed and secured properly or the physical
condition of the client doesn’t allow it. That includes any impairment of life, health and material well-being. CM is not responsible for accidentially deleted

6. Data protection

CM pledges to treat personal data of the clients priviledged according to the privacy policy (BDSG and TMG).