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Our OPT  is designed to make you reach your goals with body weight exercises. It works like this: You give us some information about you and your fitness level via a questionnaire that we designed. Then we design your personalized plan which can make you reach your goals when you stick to it.

A plan could be used for as long as you have advantages from it. Which means you need to get a new plan, if you have reached your goals and set new ones or you get stuck with it and have no more gains. So we say you can train with it for at least 4-6 months or even longer.

After you filled out the questionnaire, we are going to create your personalised training program, which is individually made for you to achieve your goals. The exercises can be watched in online videos in order give you an idea of the right execution. When you bought a trainingprogram you can ask you questions any time.

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We recommend you to use the following equipment for training:

If you don’t have one of those and you don’t want to get it you have to tell us, so that we can design the plan without this equipment.

By buying the Online Personal Training you will get access to the questionnaire. Please fill it out and send it to We will start designing your plan right away and will send it to you when it’s done, which will take about up to 7 days.


Your program will contain different bodyweight exercises

Make sure to have access to the equipment mentioned above.

The videos are played online.


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