Metabolic Training


Stuck with yo-yo diets? Boost your metabolism with this trainingprogram and get your body back to burning calories effectively.

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Trainingprogram with nutritional information to boost your metabolism and burn fat
Contents Goals
different levels for different initial performances boost your metabolism
includes nutritional tips to increase your success burning fat
6 weeks of training (repeatable) burning calories
Training for your whole body increasing your strength-endurance
instructional videos with the exact execution and written description of every exercise Increasing your physical fitness


This program contains exercises like pushups, pullups, squats and different running exercises.

Make sure to have access to a Dip-/Pull Up bar or a pair of rings and a track to run onto.

The videos are played online. The programs come as a PDF file.
Alex und Svendesigned by Alex Lorenz und Sven Kohl


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