Human Flag Program


This is your program to learn the Human Flag from the beginning all the way until you can hold it.

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Training program to learn the Human Flag
Contents Goals
5 progressions learning the specific techniques of the Human Flag
a plan that adapts to your specific progress gaining muscles
A- and B-workouts with dynamic and static exercises increasing your physical fitness
exact description of the exercises and methods increasing your maximum strength and coordinative abilities
one goal to reach for every progression to get to the next one an to make sure you reach the final technique improvement of your body-control and -feeling
instructional videos with the exact execution and written description of every exercise tighten your ligaments and burning calories


This program contains exercises like Pull Ups and Handstand.

Make sure to have access to a Dip-/Pull Up bar, swedish bars or a vertical bar.

The videos are played online. The programs come as a PDF file.

Alex und Svendesigned by Alex Lorenz und Sven Kohl


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