Beginner Bundle Level 1-3


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
0-4 Pullups 8 Pullups 12 Pullups
0-5 Dips 10 Dips 15 Dips
0-8 Pushups 15 Pushups 20 Pushups
0-8 Bodyrows 15 Bodyrows 20 Bodyrows
50 sec Plank 70 sec Plank 90 sec Plank
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a 16 week program for each of every level
Full Body Mobility Routine with video – NEW
Full Body Warm Up Routine with video – NEW
Tipps for Nutrition & Regeneration – NEW
FAQ Section – NEW
Redesigned layout for a better overview
Tests to detect your progress
exercises that fit to your level of performance
instructional online videos with the exact execution and description of every exercise
Video description
Level1 Level2 Level3


These programs contain exercises like Dips, Pull Ups and Bodyrows.

Make sure to have access to a Dip-/Pull Up bar or a pair of rings.

The videos are played online. The programs come as a PDF file.

El Eggs and Svendesigned by El Eggs and Sven Kohl


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