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Form+Coordination = Strength+Mobility

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These dudes are the best! The plans are straightforward, clearly explained, and the supporting videos are excellent. I'm coming from cross-fit after switching from 10 years of yoga and these programs are the best I've done. The key aspect which is better than years of (mediocre) yoga teachers and self-taught cross-fit training is that the Calisthenicmovement / plan.eleggs programs and videos place great emphasis on the most important and overlooked aspect of any training: developing absolutely perfect form, and slowly developing muscular coordination and full body strength. I can't emphasize this aspect enough! This is the key to progressing without injury. (Details: 40yrs+, bought Workout Programs 1-5).


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I found Calisthenic Movement in 2015. The Zero Gravity Workout video filtered through my Facebook feed. It was… wow. I watched more videos and marveled. And laughed. Sven and Alex have fun. That stuck with me when I decided to make a change in early 2016. At 40 years old and 70 pounds overweight, I was 20 years away from my last workout. No joke. Twenty years. I was fat and creaky and stiff and tired. Nonetheless, I started the Level 1 beginner program. I had to scale even that down (Alex and Sven were a great help). I didn‘t expect to enjoy the workouts. I do. And not just the workouts -- I enjoy how I feel. Stronger. More mobile. And honestly, even a little badass despite the fact I'm doing the lamest possible version of every exercise. I think the badassery must be reflected off of Sven and Alex. So far I’ve lost 18 pounds and am improving every week. I feel great. Still fat, but not creaky or stiff. And not tired. I’m excited. Because this is only the beginning.

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