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Everything sounded sensible and well thought out.

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I purchased the Online PT package, which gives you an individually tailored workout program. After having sent in the questionnaire, I got my training program after just a couple of days. It contained a lot of information and useful tips on how to train, including stretching and mobility. Everything sounded sensible and well thought out. The training program itself covered 16 weeks of training. I am now nearing the end of this program, and I do feel stronger than when I started it. Especially my handstand work has improved. And my pistol squats have gone from a more or less controlled fall on my behind, to being able to get both down and up on one leg. Calisthenic Movement have many impressive and instructive videos on YouTube, and with the OPT you can access to even more of these. Throughout my program I have had some e-mail exchange with El Eggs with questions and thoughts. His replies have always been quick and professional. It feels great to get support from someone who is actually able to do all the stuff that I am trying to achieve! When my current program is over I plan to buy a new one.


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Very good


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