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I gained 5 kg Muscles after 3 Months

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Hy, my name is Giovani. I'm from Italy, I live in Turin. I am 34 years old. I have bought the online personal training, and a personal nutrition plan. The diet it is very interesting. It is based on biochemical functions of the body and it is very specific and tells you how many kcal you must take, all about protein, carbs, fats and water consumption etc. It's personalized and is related on your goals. I started to have more energy with the diet and supplements. I started training on march 19, I weighted 61 kg, and I'm 181cm tall. Now after 3 months I have 66 kg. Before the program with the squat I have had pain in the lumbar back, after the calisthenics training program my back pain is gone and I learned to do squats correctely and I have increased my mobility. In this 3 months I never injured myself. My arms, my back, my shoulders, my legs grew after only 2 weeks of training. Now after 3 months I can say that I have never had these results in my life in this time. Neither at the gym nor anywhere else. The body grew totally in a very functional way, not grew a singular muscle isolated by the other, but all the body is involved in the training and also singular muscle. The feedback with the trainer is very good, very helpful. In the program you have all the explanations about the training, the cadence, the sets, the pause, the warm up, the cool-down, the stretching when and how to do it. It is all clear and well explained. And all the exercices are linked with a video that explain very well how to do the exercises. Better than in the gym. I'm very satisfied with the results with the online assistance. Physically I'm growing and I continue to grow week by week and also the other have told me. But you must work hard and with constancy.


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Very balanced program with measurable improvements

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I'm Jimmy, 25yo, from Angoulême France I bought Program lvl 3, and then online personal training with the goal Planche and muscle up Programme très équilibré avec une évolution constante et mesurable! Avec un suivis très sérieux, rapide et des conseils précis. -> The program is very balance with constant and mesurable improvement! With a serious following from the coach, fast and personal advice

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